Animations aren’t any longer the kids thing. Thanks to its immense creative teams and everything in between that makes a great 3D movie that we all love to see and see again. Here are 6 of the best reviewed 3D movies to fall in love with, only if you see the magic!

Toy Story(Series): What do do want? Comedy, adventure, friendship, emotions or a never fading experience and feelings that you might have started developing towards your toys after watching this movie? You get it all. The Toy Story series is one of the most loved and best reviewed movies of all times.

How to Train Your Dragon: Seriously I would take a bullet for ‘toothless’. Exhibiting the true sense of valor and courage with laudable adventures of true friendship between a human and a dragon is so much to love. And once the two popular figures of the movie are in to friendship, the story takes a flight of beauty.

Up: One of the best gifts from Pixar, this movie is full of fun, excitement and adventure where a widower is seen involved in adventure in his flying house fulfilling his beloved wife’s dear dream.

The Jungle Book: Immortalizing the literary legend of Mowgli and his loyal wild friends, this movie has just immortalized the legend of the fiction which many claims to be based on real incidents. You wouldn’t realize the magic the movie created until you watch it.

Finding Dory: The fourth highest grossing animated movie of all time, Finding Dory is sure to fascinate the ones who had enjoyed watching Finding Nemo. The story encircles around a young tang fish with poor memory trying to find her family.

Kubo and the Two Strings: It’s a story about the brave and the melancholy. With seamless and fantastic animation with absorbing story line and characters, this movie has got in store something for all age groups.


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