New haunts and classic villains hit the big screen for supersized scares throughout the entire year.


Aug 25th

Shay Mitchell stars as a disgraced ex-cop and recovering addict who takes a job at the morgue of the hospital in which she got sober. Soon after a mysterious and brutally massacred body is delivered, she begins to witness terrorizing and violent murders, leading her to face off against an evil entity. Diederik Van Rooijen directs the Screen Gems release, also featuring Stana Katic.


Aug 25th

Lars Klevberg directs Dimension’s feature adaptation of his short film, which centers on two women who discover a Polaroid camera and the horrible past it hides.


Sept 8th

The first of New Line’s two-part adaptation of Stephen King’s landmark novel follows a group of teens who defeat the titular creature, who then returns years later to torment the adults who now have no memory of the first battle. Andy Muschietti directs the horror pic starring Bill Skarsgard and Jaeden Lieberher.


Sept 29

Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev and Ellen Page star in Screen Gems’ retelling of the ’90s sci-fi thriller, which starred Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland and followed a group of medical students who conduct near-death experiments to explore the afterlife to disastrous consequences. Niels Arden Oplev directs the Screen Gems release.

Friday the 13th

Oct 13th

The legendary hockey mask-wearing, machete-wielding mass murderer Jason Voorhees is back on the big screen in Paramount’s retelling of the classic horror film, and on the film’s titular date. Breck Eisner directs the horror pic, which is expected to answer the decades-old question of why the slasher can’t be killed.


Oct 27th

The long-running Lionsgate franchise — which sees the titular serial killer Jigsaw subjecting people to fatal puzzles — gets a fresh makeover, with a new story line and new characters. Michael and Peter Spierig direct the seventh film, again featuring a score by Nine Inch Nails musician Charlie Clouser.

He’s Out There

Dec 1st

Dennis Iliadis directs the Screen Gems pic, which follows a vacationing mother and her daughters as they fight for survival upon stumbling into a psychopath’s bizarre nightmare.


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