Packing lunches every day, whether it’s for your kids, yourself or your partner can be a real pain. Not only do you have to think of something tasty, but you also want to try and make it healthy. If you find yourself scratching your head in the mornings, trying think of something different that will still do them good, then have a read of these six ideas on how to make those packed lunches healthier:

1. Pack real fruit instead of fruit cups

One of the easiest healthy quick lunch ideas is fruit. Just as tasty, but twice as good for you, pack an apple or banana, rather than the pre-packed fruit cups. They might sound, healthy, but fruit cups often have added acids, sugar and HFCS for sweetening and preserving the fruit.

2. Make your own cookies and cakes

Store bought products may be convenient, but do you really know what’s in them? Stores want their products to have as long a shelf life, as possible, so there will be additives and preservatives in them, because these can sit on the shelves for years and years. Make your own home baked cookies and cakes using oatmeal, nuts and dried fruit, as well as other healthy things, and you will know exactly what the ingredients are.

3. Swap juices for self-made fruit flavored water

Most shop bought juices aren’t made just from the fruit; they are made from fruit juice concentrate and some of them contain as much sugar, as a can of soda. Swapping these so called juices for a self-made fruit flavored water drink with vitamin C will be better for hydration and will contain far less calories and additives.

4. Pasta salad

Make up your one pasta salads and there are so many different healthy varieties that you can come up with. Fish, chicken, beans…just stay with what you know is healthy, use low fat dressings and wholemeal pasta, and you will be giving your kids or your partner a protein packed, high foible lunch that they will love.

5. Homemade healthy pizza

Healthy pizza is another simple lunch idea. Just about everyone loves pizza, so try a healthy version for your packed lunch. Take a slice of crusty wholegrain bread and spread on some low fat cheese, add some sliced tomatoes and other toppings of your choice, and you have a healthy, cold pizza for lunch.

6. Swap to Greek yogurt

Many people use yoghurt as a staple of their packed lunches, but a simple swap to Greek yoghurt can have major health benefits. Typically, Greek yoghurt is much creamier and thicker and it contains half the sodium and fewer carbohydrates than regular yoghurts, and you can easily jazz it up a bit by adding some fresh fruit, honey or cocoa powder.



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