Can’t think of starting your day without a hot cup of coffee or tea? Well, this may be true for most of us who just can’t seem to pull through the day without their caffeine kick. This may involve slurping on several cups of your caffeinated drink – a few more than what you ought to be drinking. If you’ve been thinking of ditching caffeine or cutting back on your daily intake, here’s all the help that you need. Keep these six tips handy and you’ll be able to see great results.

1. Start Slow

Cut back your caffeine intake gradually and start with reducing the amount you consume not the number of cups. For instance, to begin with, you can do away 1/3rd of your coffee from your morning cup and drink a lighter mix for a few days before reducing it to half of what you used to drink every morning. This will help in minimizing caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

2. Understand your caffeine intake

Keep a track of how much you drink and when you feel the need to drink. Caffeine could be disguised in some energy drinks and beverages that you may be drinking and that will only add to your caffeine intake for the day unknowingly.

3. Switch to decaf and try other alternatives

If you’re a coffee lover, switch one or two cups of your day with decaffeinated coffee and gradually you can swap completely. You can even try caffeine free herbal teas in floral or fruity flavours. Go for green tea or black tea which might be gentler options.

4. Water down your drink and drink a lot of water

Keep sipping a lot of fluids and water to overcome the urge to have coffee or tea. Also, while making your cup of coffee or tea, increase the amount of water to dilute it a bit and lessen the risk of caffeine withdrawal.

5. Tea shortcut

Here’s a quick tip to cut down the caffeine in your cup of tea. It is suggested that brewing your tea for a shorter amount of time can help in reducing the amount of caffeine in it.

6. Opt for an espresso shot

Again, for coffee lovers, a shot for espresso is a much better option as it contains less caffeine than a regular cup of cappuccino. Similarly, swap your frappe mocha with a cup of hot chocolate. Also, swap your big mug or tall glass with a smaller cup to reduce your caffeine intake.


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