Meditation is no longer an abstract concept in health and wellness. The benefits have been studied countless times and documented in scientific research. It’s a serious approach to feeling better in your mind and body. Practicing meditation for as little as twenty minutes a day can improve everything from school and work performance to your mental and physical health as well as your relationships. So let’s get serious about those benefits of meditation.

1. Pain Reduction

Meditation reduces inflammation in the body and improves circulation while relieving pain. With chronic illness on the rise there is no better time like the present to tout this medication free prescription for what ails you. Need more convincing? Unlike popular pain relieving medications that have a variety of troubling side effects like those associated with acetaminophen, meditation has nothing but positive side effects. No trip to the Doctor’s office or worries about your liver required.

2. Improved Sleep

By slowing your breathing and taking back control of your mind, meditation is the perfect remedy for insomniacs and those suffering from various sleep disorders. Your blood pressure is lowered and your central nervous system calms down promoting an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and peace. Say goodbye to nightmares and hello to a good night’s rest.

3. Increased Metabolism

The practice of meditation increases metabolism and reduces emotional eating. This in turn reduces weight and increases the ability for weight management. It’s common to think about exercising the body but it is just as important to exercise the mind and provide it with the nourishment it needs as well.

4. Reduced Depression

Practicing meditation reduces depression and increases feelings of overall well-being. One study found that depression is relieved through meditation to the same level as through anti-depressant drug therapy. Another study states that meditation can possibly increase the levels of serotonin in the brain of people suffering from depression. This is encouraging for people who have tried nearly everything for depression and are looking for a medication free alternative.

5. Better Relationships

Meditation teaches self-awareness and improves the capacity for compassion and empathy. It also calms the mind and helps with focus and mental clarity. All of this translates to better interpersonal relationships with others. So not only are you helping yourself by practicing meditation, you are helping those around you.


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