So if you are the best man, there’s lot of responsibilities you got to shoulder for the special man. Make the groom feel special in a way he would forever cherish. Don’t worry, it’s a special task but you can do it with ease and flare by picking up on these 5 amazing advises for a perfect Bachlor’s Party. Check out the list-

  1. Location: Hosting the bachelor party calls for identifying the ideal place. If it has to be at a gentleman’s club, make sure to secure a private room to limit witnesses to the shenanigans. A private residence works even better because it affords total privacy, which is always good.
  2. The Right Attendees: Nothing can ruin a good night quicker than the wrong people at the party. Make sure the guys on hand are fun and understand the night is about the groom and don’t lose their minds and attack the entertainment. We all know those guys: Conservative in public, wild men at bachelor parties. Keep them away.
  3. No to Social Media: Worst thing you can do is post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That’s the fastest way to cause marital problems before they even jump the broom — and get your butt kicked.
  4. Responsibility Over Drinking: Taking shots of tequila or other spirits is a given. But remember: the groom has to be upright and relatively alert at the ceremony the next day, so monitor his intake. Don’t encourage overindulgence.
  5. Go to Vegas: When all else fails, take the gang to Sin City. All the elements for a great weekend are there. All you have to do is show up — and follow the credo: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!



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