Caught in a holiday rush?

Since Christmas is just around the corner, here is a list of new recipes, food, dining spots, and kitchenware that you can include into your shopping list for an easy-breezy and a truly Merry Christmas.

1, Ceramic cookware in season’s colors

A leading brand in non-stick cookware, Tefal, introduces its newest cookware line that brings together design with optimal functionality and durability. Dark Ruby Collection, a full range of stylish ceramic cookware, boasts of high density ceramic coating on aluminum hard base, reinforced with mica minerals for glossy effect and extra hard surface, making it resistant from scratches from the most extreme cookware use to everyday cooking wear and tear.

This extra hard surface and ceramic coating provides added resistance to abrasion from metal spatulas, rough cleaning tools and accidental scratches from other kitchen utensils, making both cooking and cleaning easy. The pots and pans safe and ideal for everyday cookin, including crispy cooking using just a little oil or fat.

Crafted with Thermo-Spot Technology that turns red when the cookware reaches the ideal temperature for cooking and searing meat, the Dark Ruby collection claims to be the only ceramic cookware line that has a heat indicator, ensuring that each meal is perfectly cooked. This range of cookware is also compatible with all cooking hobs, including induction.

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Exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corp. and available in leading department stores nationwide, the cookware collection makes for easy and stylish party cooking, allowing more time and energy for family and friends, rather than slaving in the kitchen.


2. A taste of Paris in Manila

Showcasing over 10 brand new dishes, Bizu, one of Manila’s dining destinations, presents a new mix to its classic favorites and international dishes.

Signature dishes like the 10-Hour Roast Beef, Salmon Pommery and Eggs Benedict have been joined with new dishes such as the Lobster Roll, Clam Vongole, Truffle Lengua, Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary, Burrata with Berries.

Head Chef Alexander Tanco said: “The new menu showcases the exceptional range of authentic and international cuisine. It combines classic dishes such as the 10- Hour Roast beef and our new offerings such as our Lobster Roll with fresh lobster flown from Maine daily. The highlight of this menu is not only its innovative use of great and fresh flavors, but also the growing trends and demands of our customers.”

The dining hub’s Christmas Collection has been inspired by The Nutcracker ballet and is called “Land of Sweets.” Designer Medilen Singh formed unique Christmas dressings for all of the diner’s stores. Doilies make for a warm graphic signature. Animated characters from The Nutcracker Ballet inspire a festive and joyful mood. The collection itself features a wide selection of fine foods that could be purchased for one’s personal enjoyment or as gifts. These include cakes, Macarons de Paris, roasts, terrines, spreads, chocolate truffles, revel bars, cookies, tarts, and breads.

The cakes come in flavors like Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry Rose and Lemon Walnut, each made with layers of chocolate and genoise sponge and topped with fruits and a Macaron de Paris, making them nice centerpieces for a celebration.


3. Start a healthier lifestyle with a cup of barley

Barley is one of the most widely consumed cereal grains in the world. It has high fiber content, loads of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that help with heart health issues and diabetes.

On the other hand, chicory a close relative of lettuce and cabbage, has woody and fibrous roots that have a similar flavor as coffee when roasted and brewed. Among its many benefits include better gall bladder and liver function, improved bone health and more effective absorption of calcium by the body.

A healthy lifestyle is now within reach as barley and chicory, superfood ingredients with health benefits, are now in the Philippines as instant beverages. Barlico coffee substitutes claim to be 100 percent caffeine free and are made from nutritious ingredients, making them a health-conscious alternative for individuals whose health conditions and preferences limit their caffeine consumption.

Available in supermarkets nationwide, the brand’s line of barley and chicory instant mixes contain plant-based ingredients that are rich in fiber, potassium, folate, and Vitamin B, which have been scientifically proven to help lower bad cholesterol, promote bone health, cleanse the digestive system, improve kidney function, and aid in urinary and reproductive health.


4. Festive cakes

Well-loved for its selection of high-quality desserts, bakeshop chain Red Ribbon applies its mastery of flavors in creating the Cake Creations line, composed of Cappuccino Crème, a chocolate cake dusted with cocoa and coffee; Peach Mango Symphony that offers something light and refreshing to cake enthusiasts with its peaches glazed in mango syrup; and the timeless Black Forest, moist chocolate cake and combination of cream and cherries tucked in between its layers.

“Red Ribbon elevates the Filipinos’ cake experience with Cappuccino Creme, Black Forest, and Peach Mango Symphony. Those who will try these creations can expect refined flavors and a satisfying serving of indulgence,” said Kent Mariano, Red Ribbon Marketing Head.


5. Celebrating Filipino pride, one roast at a time

One food that has truly become a Filipino favorite is the “litson manok.” Filipinos love this roasted chicken so much that one can practically find a stall at every street corner; and it sells like pancakes the whole year round.

One company that has driven roasted chicken to national consciousness is Chooks-to-Go, the flagship brand of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. With over 1,300 stores nationwide, the brand brings quality roasted chicken to every Filipino’s dining table, becoming the trusted take-home “ulam” that gathers families together for an enjoyable meal time.

More than just being a food brand, the company, for the past couple of years, has also shown its love and support for Filipinos, empowering them in more ways than one through its advocacies and corporate social responsibility projects.

In 2014, the brand joined DZMM’s Bangka Project, donating fiberglass boats to sustain the livelihood of fishermen in Samar and Leyte who were affected by Typhoon Yolanda. It also conducted poultry training sessions among farmers in Patikul, Sulu and extended support to various indigenous people’s communities.

For over a year now, the brand has also been showing support for the country’s most-cherished sport, basketball. Charged with the desire to encourage Filipinos to achieve their dreams and passion, the brand has sponsored the country’s national men’s basketball team, Gilas Pilipinas. The team is supported by the brand in their journey to success and quest for basketball supremacy in Asia.

“Our success would not be possible without the support of the Filipino nation. The things that we do for our fellow Filipinos—from serving quality products to supporting various causes—are only fitting,” said Ronald Mascariñas, Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. president and general manager.


6. Get the party started

Because everyone’s been good all year round, TGI Fridays is doubling down on the good stuff to spread holiday cheer as it introduces new bundles that put together big flavors of two American-style dishes in one platter.

Perfect for the season of sharing is the Ribs & Parmigiana bundle, a melding of rustic and delicate slow cooked ribs with apple barbecue sauce and almond crusted chicken parmigiana. For those who want something lighter, the Grilled Chicken & Almond Fish includes barbecue chicken fresh from the grill and the flaky texture of fresh white fish crusted with almond panko for an outer crunch. Both bundles come with garlic rice and can be enjoyed with new drinks Watermelon Ale and Tropical Fizz.


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