Birthdays are always special and so is the tradition of celebrating birthdays of kids in school. But cupcakes are no longer favorite of mums specially when the kids are prone to food allergies.

So how about celebrating your kids birthday at school without including food? Here are 10 best ideas to celebrate a food free birthday at school. Check out how?

1. Bring in special party napkins (or party hats) to use with the usual school snack.

2. Get a special “recess pass” and choose the main activity the class does at recess time.

3. Let your kid take his/her favorite book and the teacher will read it to the class.

4. Give a gift to the class, such as a book (write an inscription inside), a toy for the play area, or a game.

5. Get a card from the class( instruct your kid to do this) All the students sign it saying what they like most about the birthday boy/girl.

6. Get your kid a special sticker or crown to wear at school all day.

7.Provide a special craft for the class that day.

8. Pick out of a birthday prize box that includes fun pencils, temporary tattoos, stickers, and small toys.


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